dog skin problemsIs your dog starting to look like Shrek? Are you worried that he has been kissing too many frogs? Is he covered in strange bumps and warts? Let us shed some light on these skin bumps.

Warts are easily treated. In puppies they can be because of a virus and will grow around their mouth. In older dogs they can get them on their heads and body, just as a symptom of getting older. Call you vet to get them removed.

Zits are not just on your teenage daughters face, you dog can also get pimples and blackheads. Just like with your teenager, cleaning your dogs face with a benzoyl peroxide cleaner can help clear up his skin. If he has backne, or acne elsewhere on his body, it may be a sign of a skin infection and you should call your vet.

Have you ever gotten a zit like a boil? These are called sebaceous cysts and are from a gland becoming blocked. They contain an oily, paste-like ooze that will come out when the zit is popped or drained. Now you and your dog can share in your dislike for these yucky cysts because he can get them just like you. Often times these cysts will go away on their own, but if there is one that is frequently recurring, your vet may want to surgically remove it.

Fatty tumors or Lipomas are simply lumpy accumulations of fat. They are not malignant and can usually be left alone. When you take your dog for his checkup, the vet will make note of them and measure them. If one is growing aggressively he may do a fine needle aspiration (FNA) and test the lipoma to make sure that it is in fact a fatty tumor and not a cancerous tumor. If a fatty tumor is making your dog uncomfortable, they can be removed. But otherwise can be left alone.

If you dog has an allergic reaction to something, or is sensitive to spider bites or bee stings, she may get hives. If this happens you can give her some Benadryl to alleviate the symptoms. Make sure to consult your vet about the size of the dose to vie. Remember that what you give yourself is not likely the same does you should give your dog.

Just like us, when your dog spends a lot of time in the sun, they become susceptible to skin cancer. There are a variety they can get and can range from being itchy or sore, or not bothersome at all. If you notice a skin cancer that takes more than 10 days to heal, which can look like a lump, a sore or a skin discoloration, make sure to point it out to your vet.

If your dog has any skin issues you are concerned about, make sure to ask your vet. Most issues will go away on their own or can be easily treated. Like us, our pups are subject to their blemishes but it doesn’t make them any less cute!