Albuquerque MicrochipWell first, it is required by law that if you live in Bernalillo County you have to have your dog microchipped.  But beyond that, it is just a great thing to do. Back before microchips if a dog went missing, you relied on flyers posted around your neighborhood to let people know your dog was missing and how to return him. Not many dogs were found and re-homed. But with microchips, if your dog gets picked up, all it takes is a quick scan and all your owner information will come up and your dog can be easily returned home.

Microchips are about the size of a grain of rice. They are put in during an in office visit. You can even get one put in during our daily walk-in shot clinic in Albuquerque.

Some people don’t like to microchip because often dogs aren’t lost, they are abandoned. This is a sad reality about the chips and animal owner behavior. But for the dogs that are not abandoned, it keeps them from getting lost forever or being lost in the animal shelter.

Microchips are not the same as a geo tracking device. A microchip will not track your dog’s location. So if your dog is lost, the microchip won’t help find him. But if your lost dog is found, it will help them find you to return him to you. Did you know that a pet is 20 times more likely to be returned to it’s home if he has a microchip?

Microchip typically last a lifetime. So once it is done you never have to worry about it.

The microchip does not hold the animals veterinary records, it simply gives an ID number to your pet which is linked to your address.

You can update the information at any time, so if you move it is not a problem.


If you have any questions about microchips, please call the Vetco clinic. Did you know that Vetco is listed as a trusted pet resource by CABQ?