cat on paper
Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Cats are known for wonderfully weird behavior. Its part of the reason we love them. They are weirdos! One of the more inexplicable is why they lay on paper? It seems like every time there is a paper on the floor on on a table, and I don’t mean paper in a box, they are going to sit on it. What is that about?

Despite this seeming like weird behavior there is one good reason and one very cat reason for this sitting.

The good reason:

The good reason is that paper is a natural insulator. This means that wherever you have paper sitting, that spot is a little bit warmer than the other spots in the surrounding area. Cats love to sit in warm spots. How often do you find your cat laying in a sun spot, no matter how awkward a place that sun spot might be? A cats comfortable temperature is warmer than ours by about 15 to 20 degrees. This means that your cat is always a bit cold. So it makes sense that if they are always cold, why they would seek out the warm spots.

Where this theory falls apart is that a cat will sit on a piece of paper instead of a warm blanket.

The silly reason:

So maybe it is attention seeking? When they sit on the paper we look at them like they are weirdos and give them some attention. We especially do this if they sit on a paper that we are reading.

Another theory is that the paper is an invisible box and we know how much cats love boxes.

Ultimately, we don’t know the real reason. Temperature is the most likely reason but ultimately cats are fabulously weird and that is what we have to chalk it up to but it doesn’t hurt anything so let them sit.