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States with the Fattest Pets: Is New Mexico #1?

You might think that if a person is overweight that their pet would be overweight too. But a new study shows that you would be wrong. Some of the states with the highest rate of obesity in people had the lowest rate of obesity in pets.

The state that tops the list for fat dogs and cats was Minnesota where 41% of dogs and 46% of cats were rated as obese. Though New Mexico didn’t make the top 5 for fattest animals, we did make number 6 for dogs and number 10 for cats.

The study showed that 1 in 3 animals tended to be overweight. This is likely because most people do not know what a healthy weight looks like. When you vet looks at your pet, they want to be able to see their waist line, that part of their belly where it is supposed to curve upward and feel their ribs. If you can see their ribs they are too thin, if you can’t easily feel their ribs, they are too fat.

Dog obesity

One interesting correlation was that states with higher percentages of overweight animals also had a higher rate of pets with intestinal parasites. Since intestinal parasites are easily avoided and treated, it suggests that people are not doing active preventative care on their animals, like getting their annual exam.


It is a good idea to talk to your Albuquerque vet about how to know if your pet is too fat or too thin, and also what and how much food to feed them. A lot of the cheaper pet foods use fat building filler. It makes your pet feel full but gives them little to no nutrition. By feeding them healthier food you can get them in better health. Look for higher quality brands like Taste of the Wild dog food or try making your own. We have a lot of homemade dog food recipes on our site that are easier to make than you might think, and could save you money on dog food too.

If your pet needs to lose weight the answer is the same for them as it is for us, diet and exercise. Make sure your pet is getting the proper amount of exercise per day. I know this can be more difficult with indoor cats, but you can get lots of fun games for them. Ever try using a laser pointer with your cat. They will run all over the house trying to get that red dot. Even playing with your pet for 10 minutes a day can make a big difference in their health and weight.

The other benefit to helping your fat pet slim down, it will save you money. You will save money on food because you are feeding them less and on health care. A pet with a good weight will live longer and stay healthier.



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