soft paws alternative to declawSoft Paws: What They Are and Why You Want Them

A lot of people do not like the idea of declawing their cat. There are a lot of good reasons why someone might not want to do that. Of course, you may still have issues with your cat clawing your furniture or scratching people. Though behavioral training can help with that, it is not always a perfect solution. Soft Paws are a great way to keep your cats claws from causing damage without going through a painful declaw surgery.

Soft Paws are little vinyl caps for your cats claws. You trim your cats claws, put a dab of super glue in them and slide them on. They will stay on your cat for a few weeks and up to a month.

Cats love to scratch things. This is part of normal and healthy behavior for cats. Even a declawed cat will do the scratching motion on things. Soft paws do not interfere with any of the scratching behavior and do not cause the cap to come off the cat or get damaged.

Unlike human nails, cats will shed the sheath of their claw periodically. Because of this shedding they are able to wear the soft paws without risk of infection to their nail.

Soft paws should only be used on indoor pets, because it does weaken their defense system.  However, they can also be used on small dogs, ferrets and iguanas. They also come in lots of fun colors. You cat may not care about that, but it can be fun for the fur parents.

If you are interested in Soft Paws as an alternative to declaw, you can speak to your vet or anyone working at the Albuquerque Vetco clinic and we can answer all of your questions. We can also help size your pet for Soft Paws and put them on our pet.