Pet Safety Memorial Day AlbuquerqueTips for pet safety over Memorial Day

We are coming up on the Memorial Day Weekend, and hopefully, you get to celebrate with a long weekend, a bbq and maybe even a camping trip. Let’s make sure your Memorial Day Weekend is filled with fun and not filled with trips to the vet.  Here are some pet safety tips to keep your pet safe over the holiday weekend. Just a friendly reminder that our veterinarian clinic, Vetco on Menaul will be closed on Monday, May 30th for Memorial Day.

  1. Do not share your food. Table scraps look yummy to your pet but can cause problems. Hot dogs are easy to choke on, Hamburgers often have onions on them which are toxic to dogs, desserts often contain chocolate which is toxic to dogs.  Keep your pet safe and stick to their regular diet. If you must share something, share your vegetables like carrots and apples. Trust us, the love those too!
  2. Do not let them drink alcohol.  You may choose to enjoy a cold beer or glass of wine, but it is not good to share. Alcohol can easily poison your pet, leading to stomach upset, vomiting and possibly a trip to the vet if they drink too much.
  3. Make sure water is available. Memorial Day tends to be hot and we tend to be outside a lot enjoying the weekend and the start of summer. Make sure you pet has fresh and clean water available to drink at all times.
  4. Keep your pet away from the grill. They will be drawn to the smell of cooking meat. But if they try to sneak a burger off the grill they could get badly burned. Plus many grills use charcoal and lighter fluid if your dog tries to ingest either of these it can cause big health risks. If you think your dog has eaten charcoal or lighter fluid, get in touch with your Albuquerque Veterinarian.
  5. Keep your pet on a leash. There is a lot of activity going on that could scare you dog. Many dogs get away from their families when they are at parks or BBQ’s. It is also a good idea to have your pet microchipped, so in case they do run away they can be easily reunited with you when they are found. (Learn more about Albuquerque microchipping)