national reptile dayIt’s that time of year again, reptile awareness! Ok, you probably didn’t know that, but it is National Reptile Awareness day.

The best way to celebrate is to learn about reptile and take care of your’s if you own any.  Going to the Albuquerque Zoo, you can see a lot of great reptiles and learn a lot about what they eat and how they live.

If you have a reptile as a pet, this is a great time to schedule an annual checkup. Reptiles tend not to get regular veterinary checks. This is because they don’t require annual vaccinations. But this does not mean their health is not important. Bringing your snake or lizard into the vet for a quick annual checkup is great to monitor their ongoing health. Your vet can tell you if your lizard is malnourished or if they have parasites. If there are any health concerns, they can help you treat them before they are too late.

Shedding can be a particularly nerve-wracking time for reptile ownership. Sometimes snakes and lizards do have complications and can get infections that require antibiotics. Make sure to turn up the humidity in their enclosure during shedding and if you are concerned about any part of the process, make sure to bring them in for an evaluation.  It is also best not to pull off any of the shedding skin. This can cause tears in their healthy skin which can lead to infection.

So love your reptiles and keep them healthy with regular exams. If you are not a snake or lizard owner, then visit the zoo and say hi to all the reptiles in the reptile house.