Scanning for microchips

A Cat Scan…for a microchip!

Low-cost microchip for cats and dogs

A microchip is the best way to ensure that your pet is returned to you if they are separated from your family. It contains all of your pets records, including vaccinations and home address. If your pet is lost and gets picked up by the city, it can be scanned and all their information will come up so they can be returned home quickly.

The HEART (Humane and Ethical Animal Rules and Treatment) ordinance requires that your pet be microchipped. Starting August 26, 2013, all pets in Bernalillo County require that your pet be microchipped.

Microchipping in Albuquerque is both a good idea and required for all cats and dogs. Vetco veterinary clinic wants to make this process as quick, easy and cost effective as possible, which is why we offer microchipping during our daily no-appointment walk-in shot clinic.

The benefits of a microchip are:

  • If your pet is lost a microchip will help provide information to reunite a pet with their owner.
  • The microchip will also provide records on if your pet is up to date on their vaccinations.


What is a microchip?

It is a device about the size of a grain of rice that provides permanent identification for your animal.

How is it put in?

The microchip is inserted by a painless injection between your pets shoulder blades. No anesthetic is required and it can be done during a regular office visit. Once inserted the chip requires no further attention. If your pet is ever lost, the microchip can be easily scanned to ensure a quick reunion with their family.If you do not want to do a microchip, you can also do a tattoo.

Are they safe?

Yes. Microchips are made from non-reactive surgical stainless steel, similar to what is used in the repair of a fractured bone. Though sometimes the chip can migrate down the neck because it is only subcutaneous (beneath the skin), the migration will not cause any issues or discomfort.


Microchipping is done at the time of licensing. Once you have your microchip implanted, you never need to worry about it again. The chip is associated with your pet license, so if you ever move your address will be updated once you update your license.

If you have a puppy or kitten and it is over 3 months old, it needs to be licensed and microchipped.

Read our FAQ about pet licenses to learn more about what you need to do to get your pet licensed.

We can implant your microchip during a normal office visit. So call for a checkup or come by during shot clinic!

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