Scanning for a microchipLoud Noises – The #1 Reason To Microchip Your Pet

Noise is a year round thing. Noise happens all the time and at any time. Fourth of July and thunderstorms in New Mexico are not the only time loud noises may happen suddenly. Lawn mowers and leaf blowers blare on, people fire guns, cars backfire, ambulances race by – the absolute inevitability of loud, random noises is one reason you must microchip your pet.

Loud noises can frighten your pet. In many cases, a frightened pet may bolt in panic, getting lost very quickly in their frightened state. This is one of the main reasons you must microchip your pet.

Different areas have different laws for different types of pets and breeds. Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) may target your pet. If your pet is roaming free and frightened, BSL may very well prevent your pet from returning home. With a microchip, however, your pet can be returned to you easily.

There is no reason not to microchip your pet. The device is smaller than a grain of rice, inexpensive, and causes no discomfort. Your local New Mexico veterinarian can microchip your pet in minutes, preventing a potentially disastrous situation down the road.

Remember to always keep your contact information up to date and your pet’s living quarters secure. Try not to leave your pets alone during times when you know loud noises might occur. Vetco NM specializes in pet microchip technology and has years of experience assisting our clients and their loved ones with the intricacies of protecting your pet. We are your local New Mexico resource veterinarian. You can reach us any time by telephone (505) 292-3030, or drop by our office located at 8200 Menaul Blvd NE #R in the Albuquerque Heights, NM 87110.