snow dog albuquerque
Image by Manfred Richter from Pixabay

Can you believe the snow? Can you believe all the rain we have been getting? The Farmers Almanac is predicting it will be a we, and cold, winter this year. This means you may want to take some extra steps to ensure that your pets stay warm.

Keeping Outdoor Pets Warm

  • Bring them Inside: On really cold days, it is a good idea to bring them inside. Brining them inside is the best way to ensure that they stay warm. If you cannot bring them into your main house, think about bringing them into your laundry room, a bathroom, or even a garage. The main thing is to bring them in out of the elements.
  • Insulate the Doghouse: First, make sure you have a shelter for them, like a dog house. Then make sure that your shelter is insulated. You may want to add a layer of caulk along the seams to help prevent water from getting in, it will also keep cold air from blowing in. Another way to insulate your pet shelter is to add some extra blankets or even hay into the enclosure. That will give them some insulation while they sleep.
  • Keep their bedding fresh and clean: This is a big one, keeping your pets blankets or hay clean will help ensure they stay warm. If their blankets or hay get soiled, it will hold in the cold or could even freeze.. Launder or change their blankets and hay regularly.
  • If it is really cold, consider putting a heating pad underneath their blankets. You do not want to let your pet sleep directly on the heating pad as it can cause burns, but you can put it underneath their bed and it will help keep them toasty warm.
  • Exercise! This is a great way to warm up. When they get to running around and get that blood pumping it will warm up their whole body. Instead of saying, “its too cold to play outside”, if you have an outdoor pet, say to yourself, “Its cold outside, let’s go play.”
  • Keep their water from freezing. Access to water is a big issue for the winter. It is common for water bowls to freeze solid. Make sure to check it regularly and remove the ice when you see it. We suggest buying an insulated water bowl to help keep the water from freezing.

If you are concerned about your pet getting too cold, bring them inside. If you are concerned that they are having health issues because of the cold, please call your Albuquerque veterinarian and have your pet checked out. Things to watch for are:

  • Not drinking water
  • Not eating
  • Lethargy or not wanting to move around
  • Labored or difficult breathing
  • Shivering that won’t stop

Take care of .yourself and your pets this winter and stay warm.