We know it is cooling down out there but it is still hotter than a tin roof! often as the weather cools down, people start to think it is ok to leave their dog in the car. It is NOT ok to leave your dog in the car. Even if it is only 70 degrees out, your car can heat up to over 100 degrees in less than 20 minutes.

This is a news story of a man who used a crow bar to bust out the window of a car with a dog in it. He very likely saved this dogs life. If you see a dog left in a car and the dog it showing signs of distress, or is unresponsive, you are within your right to bust out the window to rescue the dog. It is legal to break a window to save a dog in a hot car. Though it is legal APD asks that you call 911 first. Sometimes there is an animal control or police unit close by that can come and rescue the dog.