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Is My Dog a White Walker or Is It Just Cataracts?

If you have ever seen a dog with cataracts and you have seen Game of Thrones you will immediately understand the reference. Cataracts make your dog’s eyes look cloudy and grey. In Game of Thrones, the white walkers have grey and blue eyes. We already know winter is coming but as your dog ages are cataracts coming?

Many people believe that cataracts are a natural part of aging. Not all aging animals, or people, develop cataracts. Cataracts are caused by a disease affecting the lens of the eye. They cause impaired vision and can even cause blindness.

The most common cause of cataracts is genetics. But there are other conditions such as diabetes, nutritional disorders, eye injury, or infection that can also lead to cataracts.


  • A bluish, gray, or white layer in the eye
  • Impaired vision which can be noticed by a reluctance to climb stairs or jump on furniture, and clumsiness.
  • Eye irritation (redness, discharge and excessive blinking)
  • Rubbing and scratching of their eyes.

Your Vetco veterinarian will have to determine if your dog actually has cataracts. This is done with an eye exam. Depending on what is going on with your dog, your vet may want to run some blood tests to determine the underlying cause.

Once diagnosed there are treatments available. They can get eye drops to help with the inflammation. Most of the time cataracts are not treatable. You should discuss with your vet the best ways to help and care for your dog once they have cataracts.



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