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Incontinence and Cats with No Tails

manx cat incontinenceManx cats are a breed of cat from the Isle of Manx. Their most distinctive quality is that they often have no tail or just a stub of a tail. The biggest problem for the ones that are born without tails is that it is often accompanies by spinal problems. This hereditary issue is known as Manx Syndrome. The most common spinal cord issue Manx cats have is spina bifida, which is where part of their spinal cord is exposed at birth. This can cause a strange gait, or leave them unable to urinate or defecate properly. Other issues can include missing vertebra, rear leg paralysis, or malformed pelvis.

The good thing is that issues with incontinence develops early in kittenhood. Most owners will never have to deal with this issue, but breeders might. If you have Manx kittens and any of them are born with spinal issues, speak to your vet about options for the kitten.

One of the most common in Manx cats is the missing vertebrae. Without that tail vertebrae the spinal nerves don’t necessarily connect properly, as they do with a tailed cat. If you do have an incontinent cat, there are ways to help ensure they stay healthy. Make sure you have regular visits with your vet. They will need more personal grooming attention to avoid skin burn from urine, and both health and grooming issues can arise from feces staying on their fun and skin. Some options for care may include keeping them in an area where it is ok for them to accidents, or putting them in diapers for cats…oh yes, they exist. Again, speaking with your vet can help you decide what is the best course. You can also speak with your vet about any potential surgical options, for some cats with this issue, there are surgeries that can help.
There are other reasons why a cat may have no tail, typically due to injury. Cats who have lost their tail due to injury will have other issues and complications related to the nature of their injury. This could include incontinence but not necessarily.



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