flat faced cat health

Have you ever taken a quiz that told you what your face shape says about your personality? I have no idea if that is real but your cats face shape is a real thing.  The shape of your cats face may tell you more than you realize about them. 


Science looks to the body of the cat to tell us vital information about their heritage, breeding, and health. The shape of your cats face could indicate a propensity for certain health issues. Often times these things have been bred into your cat because the trait is considered visually desirable. Cats with squished fluffy faces are cute. Who doesn’t love the short-legged kittens? A cat with no tail? Well that is just exotic and interesting. Folded ears make their little heads look so round and squishable. But these traits, just because they have been breeded in, are often bad for the cat. They look cute but could are not cute from a health perspective. 


  1. Brachycephalic cats — the breeds with flat, squishy faces —among the brachycephalic cat breeds are Persian, Himalayan and exotic short-hair cats. These cats are showing a higher likelihood of breathing problems.
  2. No Tail cats like Manx cats which can have no tails at all are prone to hind end problems such as nerve issues, hip issues, and incontinence. 
  3. Munchkin cats are the cats with dwarfism leaving them with little tiny legs. The cats look super cute but they come with a host of problems associated with dwarfism including curved spine, undersized jaw, and joint issues. 
  4. Folded ears as seen in Scottish Folds. Their ears are folded because of a cartilage issue. This issue also leads to cartilage issues in their whole body and often cause osteoarthritis. 

If you have a cat that has one of these shapes or body part conditions we suggest you speak with your Albuquerque veterinarian about possible health concerns and what you may be able to do to help you cat.