albuquerque halloween dogThe best way to have a Happy Halloween is to keep your family safe and that includes your pets. Here are some great tips to help keep your pets safe and keep your Halloween happy.

No Candy – Candy is not good for your pets. In fact, most candy is dangerous for your pet. Chocolate is especially bad and can make your dog very sick. So if you want to give treats to the dogs trick or treating at your door, get some dog treats and keep the kid treats for the kids.
No Eating Jack-O-Lanterns – Pumpkins are good for your dog, but allowing him to eat the whole pumpkin is not. Eating too much pumpkin can give him an upset stomach. Plus most jack-o-lanterns have been out for a few days after being cut which can lead to them getting mold. The mold can also make your dog feel sick. So its best to not let them eat your leftover pumpkin.
Costumes! Some dogs like costumes. But if you don’t normally dress your dog up, then don’t start on Halloween. This can cause your pet anxiety which can lead to aggressive behavior.
Microchip: It is not uncommon for dogs or cats to get scared on Halloween. There is so much activity around the neighborhood and at your door that it can freak them out. Make sure your pet is microchipped so if they get out of your house or yard, and can’t find their way back, that they can be easily returned to your home. We also recommend putting your pets into a room where they are away from all the activity so they have less of a chance of getting out. You can come to our daily walk-in shot clinic to get your pet microchipped.