Great news! The number of cats and dogs going into the Albuquerque city animal shelters is the lowest it has been in years. It is nearly have of what is was a dozen years ago. We love to see pets staying safe in homes instead of homeless.

The decline in animals in the animal shelter seems to be due to pet owners being more responsible and doing things like:

The shelter says the number of adoptions remain steady, though the adoption rate is higher because there are fewer animals coming in, and that euthanasia is at a new low. That means more animals that are coming in are bing adopted instead of having to be put down. The Animal Welfare director said that they are only euthanizing animals that are sick or have behavioral issues. The Animal Welfare department has a animal behavior team that works with animals to get them into foster homes or enrichment programs so they can ultimately be adopted,

Albuquerque Vetco has had a commitment to our city’s animal community to help provide high quality, low cost dog and cat veterinary care so as a community we can keep our pets healthier, safer and in good homes. We are happy to be a part of the reason for this decrease in shelter animals.