exotic pets albuquerqueHouse guests are stressful. Did you know they are stressful to your exotic pets too?

Most people are accustomed to cats and dogs but not necessarily snakes, parrots or other exotic pets. Because people are less familiar with them, they can receive a lot more attention than the traditional pet and this attention is not always wanted by your exotic animal.

How to introduce your exotic pet to your guest:

  • One person at a time. A crowd can be scary.
  • Watch your pet closely for signs of stress or fear.
  • Teach the person how to handle your pet properly.
  • Don’t be afraid to take your pet back from the person holding them.

Reduce stimulation

Holidays are a big time for guests. But holidays often mean events like big meals or parties. Create a safe space for your exotic pet so they can escape the activity and reduce overstimulation.

  • Give them a quiet room to stay in
  • Give them¬†comforts appropriate for your pet, like a blanket or heating rock.
  • Watch out for stress activities like feather plucking or hiding.
  • Be able to adjust for your pet’s mood and needs.