Losing a pet is hard. Vetco can help with euthanasia and pet aftercare.

Pet Rainbow Bridge euthanasia albuquerqueThere is a time in a pet owners life that we have to face the mortality of our pets. This is never an easy time. We offer euthanasia in our clinics and are able to respectfully, and properly, dispose of the remains.  If you have questions about your pet’s end-of-life journey, please make an appointment to bring them in for an evaluation and to talk about your options.

Dealing with the loss of a pet can be very difficult.  Our pets are more than just animals, they are our friends and part of our family. They play with us, cuddle up on the couch with us, watch movies, they help us feel better when we are sick and love us unconditionally. When our furry loved ones pass on, it can be very difficult for us to adjust.

At Vetco vet clinics we understand what your pet means to you. This is why we want to be there with you every step of the way and part of our veterinary service is to help you through this tough time.


And now we lay you down to sleep

You’re finally at rest

Our love for you we’ll always keep
You were the very best

You gave us joy for all those years
A memory for each new day

Then came the day of all my fears
The day you passed away

A part of us you took with you
And I can’t stand the pain

But when this life on earth is through
I know we’ll meet again.

-Unknown author


If you have recently lost a beloved pet, thinking about the aftercare can be an overwhelming task.  There are many questions of what to do when your furry friend passes on.  At VetCo, we will gladly help you with this burden.

What is the law for animal aftercare?

You are allowed to bury a small pet in your backyard.  The City of Albuquerque offers free pick up and disposal of a deceased pet from the city’s Animal Care Center by calling 311.

If you decide to bury your pet in your backyard, make sure to dig the hole 3 feet deep to prevent scavengers.

Can Vetco take care of my pet after he dies?

Yes.  We understand that losing a pet is a part of the natural cycle. However, that does not make it any easier. If you wish, we will dispose of your pet after it has passed. Please contact us for more details.

Aftercare Resources:

Pet Cremation FAQ

Best Friends Pet Cremation Services is part of the French funeral family. They are trained funeral professionals and will be able to help you say goodbye to your animal companion.

Albuquerque Pet Memorial provides a “sensitive alternative” for pet owners. They provide convenient and coordinated response for your bereavement needs.

Old Pine Box makes beautiful custom hand made wooden coffins for your pet for burial or cremation.

All Creatures Memorial Park in Tesuque is a beautiful place to remember your beloved pet. You can purchase a custom tile to put on the memorial wall as a remembrance for your furry friend.

Grief Resources:

The Association for Pet Loss is a an organization dedicated to helping people through all stages of pet loss. They have wonderful resources as well as community forums where you can find solidarity and comfort from other people in animal mourning.

Chance’s Spot is a forum for pet loss grief support. You can talk to other people online who are also experiencing grief.

Ten Tips for Coping with Pet Loss

When should you get a new pet?

Grief and Pet Loss

Children and Pet Loss

Pet Loss and Bereavement Counseling

If you are interested in having your pet loss resource added to this list, please contact us.