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Dealing with a Dog That Chews Too Much

dog gnawing albuquerqueDoes your dog chew? Does he chew a lot? Are you going insane because of how much he chews? You are not alone, many dog owners complain about this behavior. The hard part is that chewing and gnawing is a natural activity for dogs.

Most of the time dogs gnaw because they are bored. They may also gnaw due to anxiety.

Boredom chewing

If your dog has nothing to do he may chew to occupy his time. Try leaving things that he can chew on around the house such as rawhide flips nylabones, cow hooves, and KONG toys. If you don’t give him things he can chew on, then he will likely find something to chew on, like your couch or dining room table. If you have a teething puppy, they need things to chew on to help the new teeth come in. Plus it feels really good on their sore gums. Give them something they can gnaw on for a good long time.

Anxiety chewing

If your dog is having anxiety because you are gone or because of environmental stimulus, he may start gnawing on everything he can get a hold of. Providing things for him to chew on will help him direct the behavior but it is not fully addressing the issue of the anxiety. Try to find ways to quell his anxiety. A lavender scented collar is a good natural remedy. Lavender is naturally calming. Rescue Remedy is good for situational anxiety like travel, house guests, or parties. Crate training can help dogs deal with their anxiety when you are away.

Clean Up

If your dog is chewing your socks and shoes, you need to make it harder for him to get them. Time to clean up your room, and around the house. Pick up all the things he is likely to chew. If he can’t get to them he is more likely to chew on the things your provide him. If you want to try using a deterrent, try getting Bitter Apple and spraying it on the items you don’t want him to chew. They don’t like the taste so they are likely to keep away. Though some dogs like it.

Behavioral Training

If you see your dog chewing on something he shouldn’t be you need to reprimand him. Make a loud noise to distract him and get him to stop chewing, then tell him “No!” loudly. When he starts chewing something that is acceptible, give him praise. He will start to learn what he can and cannot chew on.

If you find something they have already destroyed, do not reprimand them. It is too late. You have to catch them in the act.




Chewing is not just a bad habit it is potentially dangerous to your dog. A lot of furniture is not made from solid wood. Ingesting particle board pieces is not good for them. These pieces could be toxic or cause tears in their gastrointestinal tract. If your dog chews on an electrical cord he can get electrocuted or start a house fire by exposing wires.

If your dog won’t stop chewing not matter what you do, you may want to bring him into your Albuquerque vet. It could be a sign that his teeth or gums are hurting.





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