Thanksgiving Food to Share with Your Pet

Albuquerque Pet Thanksgiving

Albuquerque Pet ThanksgivingThanksgiving is such a yummy time of year and your dog thinks it is yummy too. Instead of kicking them out of the kitchen and trying to keep them from sneaking your food, give them some things they can eat.  Here is a list of food that is good, and safe, for your dog to eat.

Dog Safe Thanksgiving Foods

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are great for your dog. They have loads of good vitamins such as beta-carotene, vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium, and fiber. Give your dog some sweet potato, raw or cooked, but give it to them before you add any of your other ingredients like marshmallows, cherries, or sugar. Do not give them canned sweet potatoes, only fresh.


Turkey is a great protein for your dog. It is lean and healthy and yummy! Your dog can eat both light and dark meat turkey. The most important thing is to make sure that there are no bones. Bones can splinter and cause intestinal obstruction or internal bleeding. Don’t give your dog the turkey skin either, it is too fatty and can cause stomach upset or issues with pancreatitis.

Green Beans

Does your family love the green bean casserole? Green beans are great for your dog. Your dog will prefer these raw then cooked, and only give her fresh or frozen green beans. Do not give your dog the green beans after they have been seasoned or added to the casserole. This is a perfect treat to give while you are cooking.


Carrots are another great raw treat for your dog. Before you cook up your carrots, you can toss a few to your pup. They are loaded with beta-carotene, vitamin A and C, and fiber.


Pumpkins are a great food for dogs. Not only do they taste good but they are great for you. Make sure to only use fresh pumpkin. Do not use your jack-o-lantern or canned pumpkin pie. When you give your pup some pumpkin, it is best cooked. Roasted or boiled will work, and just strip it of seeds. Do not give it to your dog once you have added any spices to it.

Rolls and Bread

Bread is not good for your dog, but will not hurt your dog either. Feel free to share yummy rolls. Do not share dough. That can cause serious stomach upset.


Are you making an Apple pie for Thanksgiving? Dogs love apples. Give them a slice before you put it in your pie. Just like with pumpkin, give it to them without the spices.


If you are concerned your pet has eaten something they shouldn’t, is vomiting, has diarrhea, or is lethargic, call your vet immediately.

Remember to only give your dog these treats in moderation. Even good for you food can give you an upset stomach if you eat too much of it.

Ways to Keep Your Pets Warm

winter dogs

cold weather dogThe way things are looking, it is going to be a cold winter in Albuquerque. Here are some great tips to make sure your pets stay warm this winter.

  • Warmer on the Inside: It is warmer inside your house rather than outside. Don’t leave your pets outside. Bring them in where they can stay warm Just like you, if they get too cold or wet they can get sick.
  • Fresh (not frozen) water: Just like in hot weather, your pet needs access to clean fresh water. In the winter, water is a lot more likely to freeze. You can get insulated water bowls that will help keep the water from freezing, or some water bowls are even heated. The best is to leave water inside and make sure they have access to it, or frequently change their outdoor water bowl to make sure there it doesn’t get too cold.
  • Get Fashionable: Sweaters may seem a bit silly to some people, but they are more than just fashion. Short hair dogs get colder than long hair dogs and may need a little extra to help keep them warm. You can get warm sweaters or jackets/blankets for your dog to wear to give them a little extra insulation when they are outside.
  • Blankets! Just like you, your pet likes a warm comfortable place to curl up and sleep. Give you pet a bed with a nice warm blanket. Some pets will sleep under the blanket and some on top of it, but even sleeping on top of the blanket will help keep them warmer.
  • Stay Out of the Car: The car may seem like a warm place for pets, but unless the car is running the car can get very cold very fast. A lot of pets die from hypothermia every year because they were left in the car. Also, your can can cool down a lot faster than you realize. It is best to not leave your pet in the car, ever.
  • Fancy Footwear: If you take your dog out in the snow for a long hike or cross country skiing trip, consider putting booties on them to keep their feet warm. Booties also keep your pets feet protected from ice or rock salt, and can help prevent frost bite on their pads.

If you are concerned about your pet being over exposed to the cold, call your Albuquerque vet immediately. You can also speak to your Vetco vet about measures to help keep your pet safe during the winter.