Pets in the UNM Dorm

pets at UNM
pets at UNM

Albuquerque has been voted as being one of the most dog friendly cities in America! Well, UNM has added to the list of reasons why we are so pet friendly. University of New Mexico has launched a pilot program that allows students to have pets in some of the living spaces on campus. This is the first year of the project, and how it goes this year will determine if it gets extended for another year.

This new program at UNM is making it a very unusual university. Even most universities that are described as pet friendly do not allow pets in the dorms, but UNM is making waves. Allowing pets is a push to try to increase the number of students living on campus. Currently there are 2 locations that allow pets, Santa Clara Hall and the Student Residence Center. Many students have chosen not to live on campus because they are not allowed pets. This pilot program may solve that issue.

An interesting perk is that it is not just attracting students with pets, it is also attracting students that just want to be around pets. Sometimes people want to have pets present but don’t want to have to take care of them. There are students living in the pet friendly rooms that do not have pets and they are allowed to add a pet at any time.

“I’ve heard a lot of the residents moving in, the main reason that they are here is just to be around pets,” said Kye Glover, a senior business marketing major. “A lot of them aren’t bringing pets. They just want to be in an environment around them. A lot of them have said they want all the fun aspect of pets and not have to take care of them.”

This new pet policy does not affect service or emotional support animals.

To have a pet on campus, they have to be registered with the city, follow all state and campus ordinances, and be vaccinated. Thankfully, Albuqueque Vetco offers low-cost vaccination at our daily walk in shot clinics. We know that college students are tight on funds, so grab a vaccination coupon to save even more money on your shots.

We are so excited that UNM is being so progressive with pets!

7 Practical Gift Ideas For Your Dog

Albuquerque gift guide dogs

Shopping for gifts can be a difficult task from time to time, especially when you’re trying to toe the line between fun gift or useful gift. Should you buy this person something they’d love, like a nice picture frame, but wouldn’t really be able to use? Or should you buy them something they’d use everyday, but isn’t quite a “Wow, I love it!” type of gift.

Buying a gift for your dog doesn’t present the same kind of problems. As a dog-owner, you know your dog would be jumping up and down at a rock if you used the right kind of voice.

But many dog-owners still enjoy buying or making small gifts for their dogs either throughout the year or on their birthday.

Having a cake or a new squeaky toy is fun, but what gifts can you look for that are enjoyable for your four legged friend and practical for you as the owner?

Check out some suggestions below.

A Jacket

If you’re a small-dog owner, you know that your dog’s body temperature can change quickly out in the cold weather. There’s nothing worse than seeing a small dog shiver, even when they’re walking around.

Buying them a jacket is a great way to make sure they’re staying warm and happy while taking the worry out of your mind.

Bath Supplies

Splish splash! While cats are usually a different story, dogs usually love to take fun baths. That means they get to be petted for a few hours while playing in the water.

Now is a perfect time to go ahead and buy new dog shampoo or soap to give your pup a nice, fresh clean look. Make their fur shine and shimmer when they go running through the backyard.

A Dog Treat Can

Dogs seem to have that sixth sense about a few things: when you’re going for a walk, when you’re going to the vet and when they’re going to receive a treat. The treat sense is usually heightened by the rustling and crinkling of plastic as you reach inside the box.

Instead of relying on the box, why not buy a dog treat canister? It’s an easy way to keep things organized and you can have more room in your pantry for your own food items.

A New Bed

While the word is out if dogs would prefer Tempurpedic mattresses, it’s nice if they have a comfortable bed to sleep on.

You don’t have to go buy them a bunk bed, but a comfortable, great-looking bed is a way to ensure your pet gets a good night’s rest without plopping down on your couch.

A Pet Carrier

Another great idea for all of those that have small pets, a pet carrier is a way to make sure that you are taking your pet everywhere you go and they’re comfortable doing so.

It’s a way for them to see the world while remaining as comfortable as possible. This is also a great idea for any people that are regular travelers or simply like taking their pet in the car with them.

A New Dog Bowl

Over time, your current dog bowl could have worn out from the constant wear and tear and usage.

What better way to celebrate your dog buy buying them a new dog bowl? They’re already scurrying for food twice a day, so why not look for one that may have their name on it? You can let your imagination run wild in picking out a new bowl for them.

If you’re always on the go, look for a collapsible dog bowl. No more trying to awkwardly have your dog get water out of a McDonald’s cup.

A Crate Cover

Not all dog owners put their dogs in crates, but for the ones that do the crate can sometimes stick out like a sore thumb in an otherwise beautiful room.

One of the ways to treat your dog in style while covering up the crate is to invest in a crate cover. There are plenty of different designs and size options for all the different crates in the world. It can also be another reason to redesign the living room.

Kennel Cough is Hitting Albuquerque

Albuquerque kennel cough

There have been an increase in reports from parks and in doggy day cares showing an increase in kennel cough, aka. bordatella.. Kennel cough is a highly contagious virus that makes your dog very sick. Thankfully Kennel Cough is treatable but the best treatment is prevention.

Kennel Cough is transmitted through the air, saliva, and contact. This means is spreads like wild fire in unvaccinated dogs. You are most likely to be exposed to it at parks, kennels, pet stores, and anywhere there are lots of dogs around.

Symptoms of Kennel Cough

  • dry hacking cough
  • white foamy phlegm
  • lethargy
  • loss of appetite
  • runny nose
  • fever

If you think your dog may have kennel cough, bring them to the vet immediately. He will need to be on antibiotics and depending on how sever it is, he may need a nebulizer treatment to help him breathe.

If your dog doesn’t have kennel cough, now is a good time to make sure their vaccine is up to date. The kennel cough is a simple vaccine that will keep most dogs safe from contracting the virus. Albuquerque Vetco offers daily walk-in shot clinics where you can get your bordatella vaccine as well as all your annual vaccinations.

If your dog has kennel cough, read our tips on how to relieve some of the bordatella symptoms while they undergo treatment.