Holiday Updates

The holidays are coming quickly upon us. To give our staff time to spend with their family our clinic will be closed on December 24th, 25th and 26th, as well as December 31st and January 1st. If you have any questions about our holiday hours, please give our Albuquerque veterinary clinic a call.

Be safe and have a wonderful holiday!

No More Pet Licenses!

Scanning for a microchip
Scanning for a microchip

This is big news for Albuquerque pet owners. Pet licenses are no longer required! The City of Albuquerque has decided to change the law that said you have to have a license for all pet cat’s and dog’s and have them microchipped. As of December 2019, you only need to get your pet a microchip. This will not only help the city cut down on expenses and unnecessary paperwork, but will also help ensure that pets that get lost can easily be rehomed. Albuquerque wants to decrease their stray pet population by helping to reunite cats and dogs with their families.

Microchipping is a safe and easy, non-surgical, procedure. It can be done during a walk in visit to the Albuquerque veterinary clinic, or at the same time as a surgery. The microchips are inserted quickly under the skin and then registered with the owners information. This means you can update your microchip if you move. Once the procedure is done, it never has to be done again.

If you have not gotten your dog or cat microchipped, you can bring them into to our Albuquerque daily walk-in shot clinic, and you don’t need to be getting vaccinations to get your microchip.

Food That Kills…Your Pet

albuquerque toxic dog food
albuquerque toxic dog food

This time of year is all about food. We got a bunch of candy at Halloween, Thanksgiving is nothing but food, and Christmas is right around the corner. All we are thinking about is good. Let’s make sure that when we think about food that we are also aware of what our pets can and can’t have.

Killer Food

Avocado: Ok so avocado is not a thanksgiving food unless you live in New Mexico, then it is an all the time food! Avocados contain persin, asubstance that is harmless for humans but if your dog consumes an avocado or too much guacamole it could be toxic for your dog.

Beer: Any type of alcohol is not good for your pet. It will get your pet drunk just like it does with us, but since the pet is so much smaller than us just a little can cause diarrhea, trouble walking, difficulty breathing or even death! This is because they have smaller bodies with faster metabolisms. The smaller the pet the greater the affect.

Onions: Any type of onion whether it is powdered, raw, cooked any type, can destroy a dogs red blood cells. A small amount wont be anything to worry about, but if you covered your steak in onion powder then cooked it with onions and garlic and it happened to fall on the floor get it away from your dog as fast as possible. It can cause vomiting, loss of appetite, weakness and even suffocation.

Caffeine: Just like with humans large quantities of caffeine can be fatal for your pet. Caffeine is found in coffee, teas, chocolate, soda and energy drinks. There is no antidote for caffeine poisoning. Symptoms of caffeine poisoning include restlessness, rapid breathing, muscle tremors and bleeding. It is also found in some pain killers.

Grapes: Grapes and raisins can easily make your dog very sick. It causes kidney failure, and just a small amount can make your dog very sick. He will start vomiting, become lethargic and depressed.

Dairy: Dogs can not digest dairy products like we can. Even though sharing your ice cream or milk shake is fun and cute, it can lead to stomach problems such as diarrhea.

Macadamia Nuts: These can be fatal. Less than a handful can make your pet sick. Your pet may experience paralysis of the rear legs, vomiting and rapid heart rate. If he eats these with chocolate it will make the symptoms stronger and possibly lead to death.

Table Scraps: This includes fat trimmings and bones. The fat can cause pancreatitis in dogs. And the bones that are left over can splinter and cause cuts or blockage in your dogs stomach.

Salt: (I was surprised when I found this out) If your dog consumes too much salt it can lead to excessive thirst and urination and could lead into sodium ion poisoning. Which consists of vomiting, diarrhea, depression and seizures. It could possibly lead to death.

Chocolate: This is probably the widest known one for dogs. Theobromine is the toxic part of chocolate. It is found more in dark chocolate than in milk chocolate. Baking chocolate has even more in it. Chocolate can cause your dog to vomit, have diarrhea, seizures or even death.

Spices: Nutmeg and other spices are harmful for your dog. Baking powder and baking soda are HIGHLY toxic for your pet.

Always check with your vet about what kind of food is ok to feed to your pet. We recommend never giving your pet table scraps. Take a look at our great dog treat and dog food recipes to come up with healthy foods you can feed them and still give them a treat.

If your dog has eaten any of these things, you should call your vet immediately.