FLUTD or just Pee? Cat Urinary Tract Infections

FLUTD is more than just an acronym that sounds funny if you try to say it out loud. Flu-ti-duh…Fl-UGH-tee-dee….FLU-tee-dee….yeah, it is awkward. What it stands for is Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease….and wow does that sound intense. In fact, the acronym is not entirely accurate. It is not a disease but a condition or conditions that can affect the bladder and/or urethra of cats.

FLUTD is a potentially life threatening condition for your cat, and at the very least, is extremely uncomfortable. Here are the SIGNS and SYMPTOMS:

  • Painful peeing- But how can you tell if it is painful, its not like they come over and tell you “it burns when I pee.” You have to read their body language. Do they strain when they try to pee, do they cry out, do you notice anxiety around going pee? These are all signs of painful urination,
  • Increased frequency of urination: If you see your cat peeing all the time, it could be a sign of an infection or inflammation. Typically a cat should be going pee a couple tines a day.
  • Blood in their urine: Sometimes you cannot see the blood, and it is only detectable when a vet does test, but if you see blood, then you know there is definitely a problem.
  • Peeing outside the litterbox: Most cats, once they are potty trained, prefer to pee in their litterbox. Cats are very neat like that and prefer to keep things tidy. If you see them peeing outside their box, or in inappropriate places then this is a big sign of something wrong. Typically this happens because of the urgency that can happen with an infection and your cat is not able to make it to the box in time.
  • Over grooming: Yes cats like to groom themselves, but when they do it should be all over their body. If you see your cat licking their urethra (what they pee out of) a lot, then this can be a sign of irritation or pain in that area.
  • Unable to pee: If you see your cat straining to pee but nothing comes out, this could be the sign of a blockage. This is more common in male cats than female cats, but can happen in both. This is an emergency situation and your cat needs to go to a vet immediately!

Healthy Cat Healthy Pee

Typically if your cat is a healthy weight, with a healthy diet, and a healthy exercise routine, they are at a lower risk of getting a FLUTD condition. Middle aged cats are at a higher risk, indoor only cats (because of the lack of exercise and issues with boredom which can cause excess licking), over weight cats, and cats that only eat a dry food, are all at a higher risk of FLUTD.

Common Causes of FLUTD

  • Bladder stones
  • Bacteria
  • Obstructions in the urethra from damage, or bacteria.
  • Tumors
  • General inflammation of the bladder

If you suspect your cat has a problem peeing, it is important to bring them to your Albuquerque vet immediately. This can be a very serious and life threatening condition. It is important to pay attention to your pets bathroom habits and the quality of their bathroom habits, we know it is not the most fun part of pet ownership but it is important to having a healthy cat..

Upcycle Gifts For Dogs: 5 DIY Dog Gifts

DIY dog toys albuquerque
DIY dog toys

Upcycling is a great way to make fantastic gifts for your pets that they will love, that will save your money, and that will keep our landfills free of trash. It is a win, win, win!

Are you tired of spending money on everything? Our pets, our kids, our life, can all be a big drain on our bank account. Spend your money on your pets on what is important, such as vaccinations, microchips, spay and neuter, and your pets overall health. You don’t need to spend your hard earned money on toys when you can make great ones that your pets will love!

Here are some great DIY gift ideas for your pets that won’t break the bank and are fun and easy to make that we found on some great sites.

  1. Crinkle Shirt – wrap an empty water bottle in an old t-shirt. When your pup chews on it, it makes a great crinkly sound. Read the DIY instructions.
  2. Dishtowel Braid – take your old dish towels and make a braided chew toy. Great recycling and makes a great chew. Read the DIY Instructions.
  3. A milk jug! – Yup, that’s it. Take an old milk jug, wash it out and let them play. It is fun to run around with because they can grab the handle with their mouth. If your dog is a chewer, then don’t give this as the pieces can break off.
  4. Frozen sock balls – Yummy, feet! Take a sock, tie it in a ball. Dip it in water then freeze. Give the frozen sock to your dog. They will chew it for hours.
  5. Tennis ball puzzle treat – Take a tennis ball and cut a slit in it so when you pinch it it opens like Pacman. Put some dog treats in it. This will keep your dog busy for hours as they try to get the treats out. You can also cut an X which can make it easier to get the treats out.


Dig through your closets to find great potential toys that your pets will love. All it takes is a little creativity and some fun upcycling. Don’t let your pet savings stop there, Vetco offers the lowest cost vaccinations, spay and neuters, and microchipping in any Albuquerque veterinary clinics. You can also save a little more by visiting our promotions page before you bring your pet in. Come by to our daily walk-in shot clinic at the Albuquerque Vetco on Menaul, or make an appointment for a low cost spay or neuter. 

Are You Breaking Albuquerque Law With Your Pet?

pet license albuquerque
pet license albuquerque

You may be breaking the law in Albuquerque with your pet if you do not have a pet license. KOAT reported that the City of Albuquerque is actively making pet owners pay a fine for having unlicensed pets. Some pet owners have even had warrants for their arrest issued due to non-payments on their pet license. Can you imagine? A warrant for not having a pet license. We definitely believe that all pets need to be vaccinated and microchipped, but a warrant for not having a pet license is a bit extreme.

Thankfully, the animal welfare director is trying to get rid of the pet license law.

The pet license law requires all pet owners to pay an annual $6 fee, per pet, to get a license and prove that they have their vaccinations and are microchipped. According to KOAT, the city is losing $20,000 annually because they are paying a Texas based company to keep track of the licenses. It begs the first question, why is this not being taken care of by a New Mexico company. If they are going to spend the money, at least have it support our own economy. Secondly, is losing $20k a year really worth keeping track of pet licenses? 80% of pet owners do not get a pet license.

If the law gets removed, you will still be required to microchip and vaccinate your pets. The Director of Animal Welfare is wanting to launch a program that will bring vaccinations and microchipping into people’s neighborhoods so it is even easier to get this done.

Microchipping, vaccinations, and spay/neuter are vital to your pets health and the health of the animal community, and it is good that the city may start doing more to make it easier for people to get these services.

Albuquerque Vetco on Menaul offers low cost spay and neuter, a daily walk in shot clinic and microchipping. We have great promotions on our site so you can save even more money. We hope to see you soon!