Getting Ready for the Fall with your Pet

Dog vaccinations

Dog vaccinationsThe fall is quickly approaching. Pretty soon everything will start to get a little cooler and we will start spending more time inside settling back into our school routines. This often means that before school starts we are scrambling all over the place to get things done.

While you are getting the kids their shots for the upcoming school year, don’t forget about getting your yearly vaccinations for your dog. If you are not sure what shots your dog needs, you can check our list or give us a call and we can check your records. Often, the vaccinations needed depend on what they got last and how old they are.

We offer a easy, no appointment necessary, walk-in shot clinic daily in Albuquerque! Most people are in and out in 15 minutes or less. After you go to the people doctor, drop over to Albuquerque Vetco on Menaul and get your cat or dog their shot too.

Then you can all go grab a treat and play in the park…or at least that is what my parents did after I got shots.

While you are at it, make sure to schedule your annual exam for your pet to check their overall health.

What is Inappropriate Peeing? (Cats)

cat urination stress

cat urination stressSo what exactly is inappropriate peeing? This is when a cat is peeing outside of their litter box. Obviously, we don’t mean kittens who are still litter training. Inappropriate peeing can be a behavioral issue or a medical one.

If your cat is peeing outside of her litter box, you need to make sure there is no medical issue going on. You should bring your cat to the vet for an evaluation. If you can get a urine sample, please bring one. A urine sample will be free of any cat litter. There is special cat litter you can get specifically for gathering urine samples. If you vet needs a sample, they will instruct you on how to collect it.

Things to look out for that are more obvious indications of a medical issue is blood in the urine, cloudy urine, frequent urination, crying or yowling when peeing, painful urination. These can be signs of issues such as diabetes, a urinary tract infection, or kidney failure.

When evaluating your cat, your vet may take X-rays or an ultrasound to look for bladder stones or evidence of inflammation or blockages.

If your cat is having a UTI or inflamed bladder, making sure they have lots of clean water to drink can help. A waterfall or circulating water bowl can help peak your cats interest in water and may encourage them to drink more. Feeding them canned food instead of dry will also introduce more liquid into them which can help flush infection and alleviate symptoms.

If your cat is urinating because of a behavioral issue, you may need to look at potential stressors and what could cause that. Male cats are more likely to have this issue, as un-altered male cats like to “spray” and mark their territory. Another good reason to neuter your cat. Vetco offers the lowest cost high quality cat neuters in Albuquerque.

A cat who is sick will pee anywhere when their body tells them they have to. Behavioral urination, the cat will typically back up to to a wall or other upright surface and pee just a little bit.

Often times cats will spray because of stress: changes in their environment, not enough time with their people, no place to escape and be alone, or the appearance of a new pet or even a new cat showing up in your yard. Cats are territorial, so spraying is a way of marking their territory.

If it is stressed based, try reducing the stress in their environment. Give them a place where they can sit by themselves undisturbed. You can give them rescue remedy which help quells anxiety. Make sure they are getting daily human attention. Just pay attention to what has changed in their world and likely you will find the source of their stress.





5 Ways to Reduce Your Cats Stress

albuquerque cat

albuquerque catIt is funny to think of cats as being stressed out. Most of us look at cats, laying about, and think “what a life!”. But cat’s can easily get stressed out which can have big affects on their health.  Some of the ways cats show stress is by Yowling, hair loss, loss of appetite, angry behavior such as scratching and biting, inappropriate urination (aka urinating on things that are not the litter box). Some of these signs can also be signs of other issues, so always have your cat’s health checked out by your vet.

How to Reduce Your Cat’s Stress

  1. Alone time: Cat’s need a place they can escape to and be alone. Depending on your cat, yours might need more than others. They prefer somewhere off the ground where they can be out of reach of people and dogs.
  2. Food: Make sure your cat has easy access to food, water and a litter box. These things should be away from other people and pets so they can eat or go potty without being disturbed. Cat’s like their privacy too!
  3. Scratching Post: It is part of a cat’s natural instinct to scratch. No one wants them scratching up the furniture, but not having a place to scratch can be stressful. Give them a scratching post where they can satisfy the need to scratch.
  4. Toys: If your cat is an outdoor cat, then likely he gets a lot of chasing birds, butterflies, and bugs. Cat’s have a strong predatory instinct. They want to chase things. If your cat is an indoor cat, and your house isn’t riddled with mice for them to hunt, give them some things to play with. Not only will it make them happier but it is good exercise.
  5. Humans: Cats need their people. They want to have human interaction. Every cat is different, some like to be picked up, some want to sit on your lap or next to you, some want to be pet. But make sure to spend some quality time with your feline friend every day.