Spay and Neuter in January!

kitten albuquerque
kitten albuquerque

Did you know that January is the season of Heat…or the season of being in season? Most cats start their fertility cycle in late winter/early spring. Pretty soon your cat will start the yowling and crying, and maybe even dragging her butt on the ground leaving yucky red streaks on your carpet. I know, it doesn’t sound appealing, but it does happen. 



Getting your cat spayed does more than just stop her from yowling and making a mess. It is also better for her physical and mental health. Mentally, going into heat without being bred is very stressful for your cat. She is biologically craving a mate. Her body wants to breed. So not breeding actually causes her mental discomfort…not to mention that she will cause you mental discomfort as well as she expresses her own displeasure at her predicament. Physically, she is at a higher risk for cancer. Getting your cat spayed affects her hormones and decreases her risk of certain types of feline cancer.

We always have great promotions on surgeries and spays and neuters. 

So get your cat spayed before she drives you nuts.

Get her spayed before she drives herself nuts.

Get her spayed because it is good for her health.

New Years Resolutions for Your Pets

Pet new year resolutions

Today is the day that everyone is making their New Years resolutions. What is your’s this year? Quit smoking, exercise more, eat healthier? What about making a New Years resolution for your dog?

Pet new year resolutions

Here are some great New Years Resolutions you can make for your pet.

  1. Get More Exercise: Getting more exercise is good for both you and your pet. If you have a dog, trying going out on daily walks. If you have a cat, try just playing with them more.  A laser pointer is a great way to get your kitty running around.
  2. Go Out! Your dog loves to get out. Try taking him to a dog park once a week, or going on a walk on the bosque.
  3. Dental Cleaning: Your dog needs to have an annual dental cleaning just like you do. The healthier the teeth the healthier the dog. 
  4. Annual Checkup: Going to the vet, or doctor, is important for pets and humans. Schedule your appointment today to bring your pet in for their annual checkup. 
  5. Better diet: It is time to reevaluate what you pet is eating. Try putting them on a healthier diet. Talk to your vet about if your pet should be on a low-fat or any other specialty diet. 

Just like humans, regular veterinary care and good diet and exercise will help keep your pet healthy longer and they will live a longer and happier life. Make those New Years resolutions to keep yourself, and your pet healthy in 2019. 

New Years Eve and an Anxious Pet

Pets hate New Years Eve. Ok, not all pets, but a lot of pets really hate this holiday. They basically hate any holiday that involves fireworks.

When ringing in the new year, take some precautions to keep your pet safe.

Here is a quick reminder, we will be closed at 4 pm on December 31st and closed all day on January 1st for the holiday.

Here are some tips to keep your pet safe on New Years Eve!

  • Alcohol – Don’t leave any alcohol where you pet can get to it. Dogs love to drink beer, and pretty much anything sweet. Sometimes cats will as well.  Just like you, your pet can get drunk. And just like you if they get drunk they can vomit, have diarrhea, pass out and have dehydration. Plus, it is really easy for your pet to get alcohol poisoning. They are much smaller than we are and it doesn’t take much for them to be affected. In addition to getting sick, many pets find getting drunk to be very upsetting. They don’t understand what is going on and may be more prone to hurting themselves because they don’t know how to handle how they feel.
  • Food – Do you make a special meal for New Years? We talk a lot about food that is ok for your pets. In general, don’t give them table scraps. There are a lot of human foods that can make your pet sick. If you do share your food, make sure it is pet safe food.
  • Fireworks – Let’s face it, here in New Mexico we pretty much just look for an excuse to set off fireworks and we don’t wait until midnight to get started. Fireworks are fun for humans but can be very scary for pets. If your neighborhood has a lot of fireworks, consider giving your pets a safe place, that is dark, for them to hide. Your bedroom is often an ideal location. Give them blankets to go under. You may even want to put them in there before the fireworks start. Being in a dark spot that is away from the hullabaloo and will help relieve their anxiety.

If your dog or cat gets really scared their natural reaction is to run and hide. Every year pets go missing because they get out of their yard or house. Make sure that your pet has their microchip, that way if they do get out, they can be re-homed easily.