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Thanksgiving Pet Safety

Albuquerque Pet Thanksgiving

Albuquerque Pet ThanksgivingTurkey Day Do’s

1. Give your dog well cooked Turkey meat– If you have to give a little treat to your pooch, you can give them some of that yummy turkey meat as long as it is well cooked and has no bones.

2. Give your dog some nice (un-spiced) vegetables! They will love it!

3. Let your pup join in the feast. When it is time to eat, stuff their kong with bits of turkey, kibble and vegetables (un-spiced)

Turkey Day Don’ts

4. Don’t give your dog Turkey bones or any part of the carcass.  The bones are brittle and can break off into small pieces causing damage to their mouth, throat and stomach.

5. No cranberries, stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes or anything with herbs – Many of our Thanksgiving foods have great tasting things in them like onions, raisins, grapes, and herbs that are super delicious to us but toxic for your pup. So better to be safe than sorry, and just don’t share.

6. Don’t share your beer or wine. They might like it but it can cause them serious health complications that can cause them to go into a coma. So put your glass on the table instead of the floor.

7. No dessert for doggie! Chocolate is toxic for dogs and most other deserts will give them an upset stomach and you may end up cleaning up more than just dishes.

8. No raw dough! If you are baking bread, make sure that your dog doesn’t get into the bow. The dough can rise in their stomach causing big issues.

Some Turkey Tips

9. Keep the garbage can secure…your festive pooch may decide to dig into his own feast in the trash while you are eating dinner. This can lead to a big clean up as well as let him eat some things that may be very bad for him.

10. Guard your plate! Some sneaky dogs may try to steal food off your plate while you are not looking.

11. Guard your centerpiece! It isnt just your food that is at risk, many dogs like to eat the flowers out of your centerpiece. So make sure that pup is staying away from the table.

12. Get her pooped! If you spend some extra time exercising before the big dinner starts, your dog will be more likely to run out of energy during the dinner instead of getting hyper.

13. Give your dog an escape. Not all dogs like crowds of people and he may not want to be social. So give him a quiet place to go where people won’t bother him.

14. Strings and bags! Some dangers you don’t think about on Thanksgiving are strings and bags. Many of our cooking items come wrapped in strings or in bags. When we put those in the trash, or leave them on the counter, the food residue left on them make them tempting to eat. But they can cause major digestive issues. So make sure to keep them away from your pets.

15. Overeating. We all feel fat after eating Thanksgiving dinner, and if you give any to your pet, they will too. However, they are not use to the high fats in Thanksgiving food. This can cause diarrhea, vomiting, upset stomach and excessive gas. Make sure if you share, to only share a little bit.

Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe on Halloween

Pet HalloweenIts everyones favorite holiday! Happy Halloween! Time to dress up as something spooky and go trick-or-treating! But during all the festivities, make sure that you are having fun with your pet and keeping them safe.

Here are some tips to keep your pet safe on Halloween

  1. No treats for you pooch – well chocolate treats. Candies and chocolate can be very dangerous for your dog. So if you want to give treats to the dogs trick or treating at your door, get some dog treats and keep the kid treats for the kids.
  2. Pumpkins are non-toxic but if your dog attacks your jack-o-lantern and eats it, his stomach might be upset.
  3. Jack-O-Lantern’s usually have candles in them. In all the excitement, keep your pumpkin out of reach of your dog so he doesn’t knock it over and start a fire.
  4. Costumes! If your dog likes to dress up then have a blast with matching costumes. Otherwise, let your dog go naked. Often times costumes can cause a lot of anxiety for your pup. Better to leave them naked and happy.However, if you do put them in a costume, make sure it is one that is safe for animals.
  5. ID your dog! There is a lot of neighborhood activity on Halloween and that can get dogs really excited. With all the kids, cars and costumes, it can be easy for your excited pup to get disoriented. Make sure they have on their dog tags, so if they get out and get lost, they can be returned home quickly.

If you think your pet ate something toxic, call the ASPCA poison control center at 888-426-4435 and call your vet.

Remember in Albuquerque it can get a little chilly in late October. So make sure you and your dog are wearing warm clothes when  you go out trick-or-treating!

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July from Vetco! Have a safe and happy holiday.



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