Labor Day Fun and Pet Safety

Vetco Service Dogs

Vetco Service DogsLabor Day is the start of the fall! Green chile is being roasted and balloons are in the sky. A lot of us are celebrating the long weekend with a bar-b-q. Let’s make sure that we all have a fun and safe holiday weekend, because nothing ruins a holiday weekend like an emergency trip to the vet.

If you are going to a park or bringing your pet somewhere other than your backyard, make sure their vaccinations are up to date and that they are microchipped. New environments can be scary and your pet is at a bigger risk of running away. Make sure to also keep them on a leash. Take the basic safety precautions to keep them safe.

Don’t give your pets table scraps. Things like bones, onions, chocolate and alcohol might seem like a yummy treat but can be toxic to your pet.

If you have any small campfires, make sure your pets sit far enough away to not have embers pop and land on their fur.

If you go swimming, make sure your pets are not left unattended. Dogs can swim, but even a dog can drown.

Above all have a happy and safe Labor Day!

Happy National #PetFireSafetyDay

Albuquerque Pet Fire Safety

Albuquerque Pet Fire SafetyNATIONAL PET FIRE SAFETY DAY- Let’s keep our pets safe!

As we all know summer in New Mexico means fires. It is so hot and so dry, that almost anything can get a fire going. It is not just people and houses that are in danger of fire, but pets are in danger too. Often times, pets are in the most danger because there is no plan in place for if your neighbourhood or house catches on fire.

Did you know that your pet could be the one to start a fire?



  • Extinguish open flames.  Pets are curious and certainly not cautious.  Wagging tails haphazardly knock over candles. Curious kitties will paw at sizzling grease, quickly sending a kitchen up in flames.
  • Remove knobs from the stove.  Pets walking on counter tops can turn on stove tops with their paws. Another good reason to keep your pets off the counter.
  • Use flameless candles.
  • Replace glass water bowls with metal or plastic.  Outside on wooden decks they can heat up and actually start a fire. With our temperatures hitting over 100 degress, this is a real possability!
  • Have leashes and collars stored near the entrance of your home. This way if you have to evacuate them, you can get them out of the house quickly and safely.
  • When away, have your pets in the main living area for easy rescue. It is less likely that a fireman will find your pet if they have to search in bedrooms or closets.
  • Fire alert window clings help firefighters identifying the room your pets are located and identify the number of pets in the home. Add one to the window of the room you keep your pets when you are away. Keep it updated with the number of pets who reside with you and your current phone number. You can get these from your local fire department or online.
  • Have a plan when you are home.  Know which family members will be responsible for each pet. By assigning a duty, it increases the likelihood that your pet is not left behind. That being said, do not give the responsibility to a child. It may be their pet, but that is a lot to worry about in a crisis. Make sure an adult is in charge of getting the pets out. their


Happy 4th of July

4th of July Dog

Happy 4th of July from our family to yours! Stay safe.

We will be closed on Monday, July 4th.