Myth of the Black Cat

black cat halloween myth and safety

black cat halloween myth and safetyBlack cats are iconic on Halloween. Don’t let them cross your path! They are the familiar of witches!

The superstition of black cats has a long history. In Medieval France and Spain they were considered bringers of bad luck and cursed people that came near them. In Germany they believed that you would be cursed if they crossed your path from left to right.  However, in England, they were believed to bring affluence to any house in which they lived. In Japan, they were thought to bring good luck and they were worshiped as sacred in Egypt.

Black cats were associated with witchcraft and thought of as the “familiars” of witches. In the US the Puritan Pilgrims were actively fighting anything to do with witchcraft, and black cats were clearly on that list. They were among the persecuted during the witch trials. That secured them in the mythology of Halloween and became a popular part of the ghoulish decorations.

The biggest risk on Halloween and black cats is violence. There are always cases of people being violent to black cats on Halloween. Often times animal shelters won’t adopt out black cats during the Halloween season because they are afraid of people abandoning them immediately afterward.

If you have a black cat, we recommend keeping them inside. Though most people are not going to hurt your cat, better safe than sorry. That is not the Halloween trick you want to get.  If you notice anything strange about your cats behavior over Halloween, call your vet immediately.

Halloween Safety for Your Pets

albuquerque pet halloween

albuquerque pet halloweenHalloween is fun but it is more fun for you than your pets. Just like we take safety precautions with our kids, you need to take some to keep your pets safe too.

  1. No CandyChocolate can be very dangerous for your dog as well as most human candy. So if you want to give treats to the dogs trick or treating at your door, get some dog treats and keep the kid treats for the kids. Some candy shops will make special Halloween themed dog treats in case you want to give them something spooky and tasty.
  2. No Eating Jack-O-LanternsPumpkins are non-toxic but if your dog attacks your jack-o-lantern and eats it, his stomach might be upset. If the pumpkin is fresh it is likely fine to eat but once it has been carved and out for a few days it can get mold. Best to avoid it.
  3. Keep Away from the Jack-O-Lantern– They usually have candles in them. In all the excitement, keep your pumpkin out of reach of your dog so he doesn’t knock it over and start a fire.
  4. Costumes! If your dog likes to dress up then have a blast with matching costumes. Otherwise, let your dog go without. If you do put them in a costume, make sure it is one that is safe for animals.
  5. ID your dog! There is a lot of neighborhood activity on Halloween and that can get dogs really excited. With all the kids, cars and costumes, it can be easy for your excited pup to get disoriented. Make sure they have on their dog tags, so if they get out and get lost, they can be returned home quickly. It is also a good idea to have them microchipped. You can come to our daily walk-in shot clinic to get your microchipping done, no appointment necessary.