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Vetequitte- Etiquette tips for the Vet’s Office

Albuquerque Vetco

Albuquerque VetcoVetco in Albuquerque can be a fun place for your pet or a stressful one. The best way to make it fun, or at least reduce the stress, is to follow some basic Vet office etiquette.

Pets in Carriers or on Leashes

You may love how friendly your dog is but not everyone around you may love that. The best way to minimize any potential encounters, or spreading of infection (even though we are a well animal vet clinic, some animals are sick when they come into the clinic), is to keep them from interacting with the other pets. Keeping your your pet in a carrier or on a leash will reduce any incidents.

Discuss Finances Before Your Visit

If you are concerned about paying for your pets veterinary bill, please call and speak with us prior to your visit. We may be able to offer you coupons, or programs through the city, but if you ask for help after services have been performed there may be less we can do to help.

Be On Time

We offer a no appointment necessary walk-in daily shot clinic. So you can just come by any time you want. However, if you do have an appointment, make sure you are on time. We see a lot of pets and if you miss your appointment time, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to see your pet that day.

One Appointment is For One Pet Unless You Ask First

If you have 3 dogs and want all of them to be seen by the vet, you need to let vet assistant know at the time of booking. We have to make sure we schedule your appointment to cover the amount of time needed to see all of your pets. If you show up with more than one pet, and didn’t let us know in advance, we may not be able to see the extra pets.

Get Off Your Cell Phone

Being at a veterinary office can be stressful for your pet. While you are there with them, you need to give your pet your full attention. Also, the sound of phone’s ringing can be stressful for some pets. Please put your cell phone on silent and put it away.

Accidents Happen

We know accidents happen. It is never a big deal if your pet goes potty, or vomits, on the floor. If it happens, don’t worry about cleaning it up. We have all the proper disinfectants and cleaning tools. Just make sure to let someone at the desk know so they can get it taken care of. We don’t want your pet to get it all over them, or anyone else for that matter.

e unwanted pets. Clinic staff must consider how they are going to pay for their pet’s care, whether they can have another pet in their apartment/house and if they have the time for the proper enrichment of an additional pet. Even if they would love to take every pet that walked through the door, it just isn’t practical.

If you bring into the clinic a pet that you found, be prepared to pay for its care. If you can’t pay anything, please don’t be angry with the veterinary clinic for expecting you to do so. It’s their job. There are rescue organizations and humane societies out there that are financially equipped to handle strays.

Don’t Feed The Animals

It is a great idea to bring treats for your pet. This can help keep them happy and calm. But your treats are not necessarily suitable for all pets. Please do not share your treats with anyone’s pet without asking them first.

Don’t Share Your Toys

Bringing toys is a great way to keep your dog calm at the vet’s office. Even if other pets are interested in your toy’s, do not share. It is very common for dog’s to fight over toys and we don’t want anyone to accidentally get hurt.






What Do You Do If You Don’t Have a Carrier For Your Cat

cat checkup

Cat StethoscopeA lot of people do not travel with their pets and therefore don’t have a pet carrier. But you occasionally still need to get to the vet. So how do you do it?

The biggest reason why you need a carrier is because of stress. Your cat will likely be stressed out at the vet’s office. The waiting room tends to be loud, filled with people and other pets, including dogs. If you cat gets to excited or scared, they could cause you harm or themselves. If you don’t have a carrier, there are other options.

  1. A large bag. This doesn’t seem very elegant but it does work. If you have a gym bag then you are set. Most gym bags come with ventilation and are lined with nylon, so if your cat urinates in the bag it is easy to clean. Make sure the bag has a solid bottom, otherwise it will bend and fold when you pick it up and that can cause upset for your cat.
  2. A harness. Some cats respond positively to harnesses. Do not just attach a leash to your cat’s collar, you need to make sure you have a proper harness otherwise your cat can hurt themselves or get away. If you have never tried a harness on your cat, do not use a trip to the vet as your first try. Make sure your cat is comfortable in a harness before going to the vet.
  3. Cat Bed. If your cat is really calm, or much older, you can try a cat bed. Some cats will quietly sit in a bed, and you can easily pick them up in the bed and move them.
  4. Temporary carrier. If you have brought your cat in the car to the vet but need something to bring him into the clinic, you can purchase a temporary cardboard carrier from Vetco. Just call in and ask if they can bring one out to you and then put your cat inside the cardboard carrier to transport them into the clinic.

Every cat is different. Some travel very well and other’s do not. Most cats, though they do not like carriers, will find it less stressful to be in some kind of carrier rather than loose in your car and in the clinic. If you are unsure how the best way to bring them to the clinic, call and speak to one of our vet assistants and they will be able to give you suggestions.

What is Inappropriate Peeing? (Cats)

cat urination stress

cat urination stressSo what exactly is inappropriate peeing? This is when a cat is peeing outside of their litter box. Obviously, we don’t mean kittens who are still litter training. Inappropriate peeing can be a behavioral issue or a medical one.

If your cat is peeing outside of her litter box, you need to make sure there is no medical issue going on. You should bring your cat to the vet for an evaluation. If you can get a urine sample, please bring one. A urine sample will be free of any cat litter. There is special cat litter you can get specifically for gathering urine samples. If you vet needs a sample, they will instruct you on how to collect it.

Things to look out for that are more obvious indications of a medical issue is blood in the urine, cloudy urine, frequent urination, crying or yowling when peeing, painful urination. These can be signs of issues such as diabetes, a urinary tract infection, or kidney failure.

When evaluating your cat, your vet may take X-rays or an ultrasound to look for bladder stones or evidence of inflammation or blockages.

If your cat is having a UTI or inflamed bladder, making sure they have lots of clean water to drink can help. A waterfall or circulating water bowl can help peak your cats interest in water and may encourage them to drink more. Feeding them canned food instead of dry will also introduce more liquid into them which can help flush infection and alleviate symptoms.

If your cat is urinating because of a behavioral issue, you may need to look at potential stressors and what could cause that. Male cats are more likely to have this issue, as un-altered male cats like to “spray” and mark their territory. Another good reason to neuter your cat. Vetco offers the lowest cost high quality cat neuters in Albuquerque.

A cat who is sick will pee anywhere when their body tells them they have to. Behavioral urination, the cat will typically back up to to a wall or other upright surface and pee just a little bit.

Often times cats will spray because of stress: changes in their environment, not enough time with their people, no place to escape and be alone, or the appearance of a new pet or even a new cat showing up in your yard. Cats are territorial, so spraying is a way of marking their territory.

If it is stressed based, try reducing the stress in their environment. Give them a place where they can sit by themselves undisturbed. You can give them rescue remedy which help quells anxiety. Make sure they are getting daily human attention. Just pay attention to what has changed in their world and likely you will find the source of their stress.






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