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Black Cat Crossing Your Path is Unlucky for the Cat

Halloween is full of lots of fun superstition. Kids dress as ghouls and goblins..and super hero’s..peanut butter sandwiches and pretty much everything else fun. Going house to house asking for a Trick or Treat. As parents, we are careful to make sure there are no tricks in our kids treats, but we don’t always think about our pets.

Black cats are at high risk during Halloween. An old superstition says that it is bad luck to have a black cat cross your path. Though my black cat has brought me nothing but love, and I think that is pretty lucky, not everyone feels the same way at this time of year.

Black cats are at a high risk for being stolen or even killed. This is a very sad reality and nothing that we like to talk about. However, if you have a black cat, make sure that your Puss-in-Boots stays safe and keep him or her indoors during the week of Halloween.

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