dogs heat albuquerque

It is officially summer and it is hot outside! We all know that the summer heat can get to us, but it can get to your pets too. Let’s look at some summertime activities to do with your dog to beat the heat.

1. Take a nap – Use the hot sun as an excuse to get a little snooze in with your pet. Taking a nap will help your overall wellbeing, and a snuggle with your furry friend is good for everyone and helps them feel bonded to you. If you can’t actually sleep, you can just doze and cuddle.

2. Do your nailsand theirs– Having to stay indoors is a good time to learn about grooming. While you are escaping the heat, take some time to trim down their nails and give them a brush. Not only does it keep them healthy but it will keep them happy too. Learn how to properly trim your dogs nails.

3. Go for an early morning hike – One common goal amongst people is getting up earlier. This month Albuquerque the Magazine even features all the great trails around Albuquerque! Take advantage of the cool morning area and go up into the mountains or out on the ditch for a lovely hike or walk.

4.. Work on indoor dog training – Behavior training is something every pet needs, or needs to work on. This can involve a lot of outdoor activity, but indoor behavior is important too. Use the hot summer days as an opportunity to train your pet to be better behaved indoors.

New Mexico is a wonderful place to enjoy time with your pet during the summer. What kinds of activities do you do with your pet to beat the heat? Let us know.