dogs albuquerqueDid you know people can be allergic to dogs? Yes it is true. But what do you do if you are allergic but still want to get a dog? There are a few breeds out there that are known for being hypoallergenic and the Basenji is one of them.

The breed is originally from the Congo and used to help Hunters catch small game as well as control rodent populations. These dogs typically only weigh about 24 lbs, and stand less than 2 feet tall. Known as the African barkless dog, they are by no means without noise. It is true, they don’t have a bark, but they do have a kind of yodel. They have lots of energy and are known for being mischievous. If you are an active person who likes to be outside or has kids that love to play, then this dog is perfect for you.

The Basenji look is very cute and very distinctive. He has really short hair and a curly tail that you just want to boing. His forehead wrinkles when he looks at you, which makes him look like a concerned old man. Though he is very energetic he is not necessarily a attention seeker. They are often fine being left alone, as long as they get plenty of time to run out their energy.

Are Besenji Dogs really hypoallergenic?

What makes them hypoallergenic is their coat and their grooming. They have very short hair that sheds very little. They are fastidious groomers. Basenji’s are noted for having cat like grooming habits, meaning they groom themselves all the time. This leaves them with no doggy odor and very limited dander. Like the Poodle and Schnauzer, they tend to only shed dander about one a month. They don’t drool or slobber. Because of their short hair, they also have very low maintenance coats. Though they are not 100% allergy free, they do significantly reduce the likelihood of allergic reactions.

Most allergies from dogs are caused by hair, dander, and saliva. As these dogs shed very little, have very low dander, and don’t drool, most of the allergens are removed from the equation.

If you are wondering about a Basenji as a good pet, talk to your Albuquerque vet.