winter dog house albuquerque vetAlbuquerque is cracking down on pet owners. Despite our relatively mild winters, it still gets cold here, especially at night. It is not uncommon for temperatures in Albuquerque to drop below 20 degrees Fahrenheit at night, and even colder if you live in the mountains or even a bit farther north like Placitas.

The City of Albuquerque is requiring pet owners supply their outside dog with an insulated dog house. If you don’t you face a fine of $500, a court appearance, and up to 90 days in jail.  Many people believe that because their pets have fur they won’t get cold. For most breeds this is not true. The majority of domestic cats and dogs are not equipped for cold weather and are susceptible to hypothermia and frostbite.

You may chose to put a sweater or jacket on your dog, or possibly even booties for their paws. This is great for when they are running around, but for night time, your pet needs to have a suitably insulated place they can retire to and stay warm. Many pet stores have insulated dog houses you can buy. You can also insulate your own with supplies from the local Albuquerque hardware store. We also suggest giving your outdoor pet a nice bed to sleep in and some of your own blankets.

If you see anyone with a dog outside without suitable cold weather protection you should report it to the ABQ Animal Welfare office by calling 311.


If you have questions about hypothermia, frost bite, or how to care for your dog in the winter, please call Vetco at 505-292-3030.