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Swamp Cooler of Death! Or At Least Allergies

...  blowing mold. Breathing mold can cause things like: AllergiesAsthmaInfectionDifficulty breathingLethargyChronic lung ...

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Does Your Pet Have Sustained Allergies?

...  Your Pet Have Sustained Allergies? If your pet experiences allergic symptoms year-round, it is likely ...  their diet and/or in their environment. Treating Sustained allergies requires a persistent course of treatment that incorporates diet and ...  pet. Here are a few signs to look out for. 1. Pets with allergies also often have problems with their ears, especially dogs. The areas ...

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Cats for People with Allergies

...  for People with Allergies Just because you have allergies doesn't mean that you cannot have cats. You just have to find the right cats. Allergy Facts Males tend to cause more allergies than female cats because they have more allergenic secretions Intact ...

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