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Avoid Heatstroke: Keep Your Hot Dog Cool

Keep your dog cool during the summer

It is nearly record breaking temperatures in Albuquerque.  If you leave your dog in the heat, it could be deadly. Make sure you take these heat precautions.

Don’t Leave Them In The Car Unattended

The temperatures in your car can get up way above 120 degrees in a very short period of time. In fact, a police dog left in a car just recently died due to heat. Never ever leave your dog in the hot car. If you can’t bring them into the store with you, do your errand later or don’t bring your dog.

Provide Plenty Of Water

Water is the best cure for heat sickness. If your dog is outside in the heat, make sure you have lots of fresh cool water available to them.  Using a plastic bowl will help keep the water cooler, instead of a metal bowl which could heat it up.

Help Cool Them Off

Again…water! Give them a pool to splash around in. Spray them down with the hose. Overheating can be avoided by giving your dogs a variety of ways to cool down. Plus it is fun for them to play in the water.


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