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They were friendly and fast. My cat hates the vet but we were in and out so fast I don't think she knew we were there! -Lauren M.
They gave my cat her yearly shots. They were quick and the price was the best that I could find for this service. -Linda L.

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  • RoundUp Your Yard Not Your Pets
    RoundUp Your Yard Not Your Pets
    Overall you can rest easy, RoundUp is considered non-toxic to mammals. This is good news for you and your pet as you get ready to tackle those early New Mexico weeds that are already popping up. But, non-toxic is not the same as totally safe. There are...
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  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are frequently used in dogs to manage pain and inflammation (swelling) in dogs. They are used to treat arthritis, and they are also used after surgery or injury. Some NSAIDS you may know are Rimadyl, Metacam, Previcox, and Etogesic. If your dog has...
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  • Is Your Dog Hypoglycemic?
    Is Your Dog Hypoglycemic?
    Have you heard of Canine Hypoglycemia, Exertional Hypoglycemia or Sugar Fits?   Basically, your dog has a sugar (glucose) problem. These names refer to one single condition:  cells in your canine’s body aren’t receiving the needed amount of glucose.  Your dog’s energy is derived from glucose that is...
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  • albuquerque cat nail biting
    Fun Facts About Cat Teeth
    1. Cats and People Both Have Baby Teeth! First, we both have baby teeth that fall out and get replaced with adult teeth. They get their baby teeth at about 2 weeks old and get their adult teeth at about 4 months old. 2. Wait…how many teeth?...
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