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The Pros And Cons Of Sharing Your Bed With A Dog

dog sleeping in bedThis is indeed one of the most debatable subject matters among dog owners and even the professional trainers have a range of thoughts about it. There are both pros and cons to sharing your bed and it’s going to be up to you as to whether your very best, four-legged friend gets to share the sheets with you.

The pros of sleeping with your dog

Many people find it reassuring to have their dog lying beside them during the night. For some people, especially those that are living alone, they enjoy the companionship of having another warm body sleeping in the bed beside them at night. Many feel that having their dog with them isn’t just a want but more of a need and it’s totally okay that the bed is shared between two friends.

Some people, especially heavier sleepers feel that having their dog sleeping in the bed next to them provides an element of security. The dog owner knows that if anything should happen that they need to be aware of, whether it be a fire or an intruder, the dog will likely awaken them.

There is also an intense bonding that can occur between the owner and his dog when the two share the same space at night. In some cases, training and day-to-day living experiences can be much more positive as a result of a common nighttime schedule.

It’s also been proven that animal company offered to humans can lower blood pressure while reducing the feelings of loneliness and stress. These benefits are magnified when your dog is allowed to sleep with you.

The cons of spending the night with your furry pet

For some people it just isn’t possible due to allergies or sensitive skin. You are going to be sleeping with fur and dander and this can affect your respiratory system or your skin. For these individuals, a separate bed for the dog would be best.

Many people also find that their sleeping habits are disrupted when a dog is in bed with them. Dogs can take up space and may move around a lot or jump down from the bed in the night. If you’re not a sound sleeper, you may find yourself waking up every time the dog moves. Dogs can take naps during the day to make up for a restless sleep but you probably won’t be able to.

If your dog has any type of health issue such as parasites or an infection, you may not want to get too close to your dog until their condition is cleared up. While it’s unlikely that you will contract any type of illness from your pet, it isn’t very sanitary to get up close and personal with such conditions.

Should you be sleeping with your dog?

This is a question that only the dog owner and the dog himself can answer. Some dogs refuse to climb on the bed with their owner while others want to snuggle right up against their human friend for the entire evening.

Ultimately, you’ll have the final say in the matter and can either allow your dog to climb up for a cuddle or to provide him with his own special bed.

Susan Wright, DMV is a vet, freelance writer and a dog training collar expert. Susan shares her vast knowledge of canines by writing articles that are found all across the web.


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