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How dirty is your pets mouth?

Dog Dental DiseaseDid you know you can tell a lot about your dog’s health by looking inside his mouth? Though a dog’s mouth is never truly clean, meaning there are bacteria in there, it can be really dirty if not taken care of.


Healthy Gums: Gums are the first line of defense for a healthy mouth. You can lift your dog’s lips to see their gums and check out their health. Healthy gums will be pink, moist and without any spots. If they are gray, spotty or swollen then there is likely a health issue and you should bring your dog to see your vet for a dental check up.

Healthy Teeth: Healthy teeth lead to healthy eating. If your dog has decaying and rotting teeth, or a lot of cavities, this can keep them from wanting to eat which can result in sudden weight loss. Rotting teeth is also painful and can cause personality changes in your dog. Not to mention the bad breath. If your dog suddenly is reluctant to eat hard food, it may be time to look at their teeth to see if there is an underlying issue.

Bad Breath: Yes dogs have bad breath. But there are levels to typical doggy breath and BAD breath. If your dog’s mouth smells like something is dying in there it is likely because they are having teeth rot. No matter what you feed them, or how many charcoal biscuits you give them, it will not fix the smell that comes from rotting teeth. Bad breath is one of the fastest ways to detect an issue in your dog’s dental health.

If your dog has incredibly bad breath, swollen, gray or spotty gums, or you see their teeth rotting, you need to bring them in for a dental check up. It is possible it is time for a professional dental cleaning or even tooth removal. You can also do preventative dental care by brushing your dogs teeth weekly. If you are not sure how to do that, read our post on how to brush your dog’s teeth.



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