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Cat Sitting is More Than Just Feeding

albuquerque cat veterinarianCats are usually pretty easy pets to take care of. They are so easy that many people will go out of town thinking that they can just leave their cat unattended or that a sitter can just make sure they have food and water and call it good.  However, you cat needs more than just food and water while you are gone.

Cat Sitting and What Cats Need

Yes, cats need food, water and fresh litter. But they also need attention. When you are at home you give your cat lots of love and play time. When you are gone they get nothing. This can make them lonely and anxious.

  • Give them clean fresh water daily
  • Keep their food bowls full
  • Scoop out litter daily or else your cat may stop using it in protest.
  • Play with them once or twice a day. Tell your cat sitter to spend 15 or 30 minutes just hanging out with your hat. Of course, this is if your cat will hang out with your pet sitter.
  • If they are indoor/outdoor cats, just keep them indoors while you are away.

Communicate with your cat sitter what you cat needs and if there is anything they can’t have. For instance, if you don’t give your cat milk then tell the cat sitter so they don’t do it. You want to keep their diet and environment as normal as possible. This will reduce any stress or anxiety they may have during your absence.

Cats are great pets and often fairly low maintenance, but that doesn’t mean no maintenance. Make sure to take care of them when you are home and when you are gone.







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