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Be careful with your Inhaler

dog bites inhalerInhalers save lives for people but can be deadly for dogs. With Spring’s arrival many people have increased allergies. Asthma may be acting up which means that your inhaler might be laying around more than usual.

Dog love to chew on their owners inhalers. But when they bite into the inhaler they get both an inhaled dose and an oral dose. This is a highly concentrated amount of the medicine. The type of inhaler, meaning the type of medication inside it, can cause different medical effects in your dog. Make sure you know what kind of inhaler it is, so you can communicate that to your vet in case he bites into your inhaler.

Corticosteroid Inhaler

These work by decreasing inflammation in the airways. In an overdose situation they can cause:

  • thirst that can last for days
  • urination that can last for days

These are not life threatening and you will see the symptoms in a few hours after ingestion. Though not life threatening you should call your vet and let them know in case they want you to do something to help ease your dogs symptoms.

Bronchodilator Inhaler

These kinds of inhalers open up the airway to increase the ease of breathing. In an overdose situation, this kind of inhaler can be life threatening to your dog. Symptoms include:

  • Increased heart rate.
  • Potassium imbalance, which can affect the heart.
  • Agitation
  • Pacing
  • Lethargic
  • Weak
  • Inability to stand

If you dog bit into your bronchodilator inhaler, call your vet immediately. Without immediate treatment your dog could die of cardiovascular collapse. Your vet will likely treat your dog with IV medication to reduce his heart rate and normalize his electrolytes.

Inhalers are also kept under pressure, this is why they “puff” when you use them. This can also cause frostbite on your pets lips. These frostbite lesions may cause sores that could require pain medication or antibiotics.

Regardless of your kind of inhaler, always call your vet. Your Albuquerque vet may want you to bring your dog in for treatment.




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