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What to Avoid During Your Dog’s Exercise

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Exercise is good! Does this mean all exercise is good? No.

Here are advantages of exercise for your dog:

  • Fewer behavioural issues, such as anxiety.
  • Improved digestion
  • Improved overall health
  • Happiness
  • Weight control

What to avoid with exercising your dog:

  • Make sure you are taking into account things like breed, age and physical abilities. Example, Labs often like to swim. Does this mean that Pugs like to swim? No it does not.
  • Exercising too long. Your dog might be able to have 20 minutes of exercise but maybe not 45 minutes. Make sure you are not over exercising them.
  • Exercising different dogs together: If you have a German Shepherd and a Pug exercising together, you cannot assume that the pug can run as long as the shepherd. Tailor the exercise for the dog.

Signs of over exercise:

  • Sore or sensitive pads.
  • Extended fatigue.
  • Limping.

If you are concerned you over-exercised your dog, bring them into your Albuquerque veterinarian right away.



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